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Bengt Blomqvist & Anja Blomberg runs the company Fjällprodukter in Karesuando AB. (Former Nordkalottens handicraft) .
1987 we started Nordkalottens handicraft . In the beginning , we sold most souvenirs of our own manufacturing & woolen manufacturers in markets and places throughout Sweden , as it came a few other items in our catalog .
1992 , we began to offer our items to other retailers.
2006 was converted Nordkalottens handicraft limited company and was named Fjällprodukter in Karesuando AB.
In the current situation , we have about 1000 items in our catalog , we conduct our own import mostly from Asia and Scandinavia. And articles from woolen manufacturers.
We will continuously release new items and removes it is not sold well by our distributors .
Sales of our products takes place only to our authorized dealers.
Bengt & Anja.